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rebuilt after a fire. he says now even though the restaurant is still the same size, the space is utilize better and there are more tables. he says business started picking up for mother's day and it stayed relatively steady all week. >> the middle of the week was kind of slow, but once we see the horsemen coming into town, it is also loyola college graduation, it starts with mother's day and goes through the whole week. we have been very busy. yesterday started it 8:30 in the morning. >> back here live at pimlico race course, there are really few signs of that huge crowd from yesterday. we are told crews started cleaning up around 5:00 a.m. right, thank you. it has been a really dreary day so far. you are looking at a live picture. right now, it is 71 degrees, and apparently, we are going to have to get used to dreary. >> to look like on that picture,
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there was something that looked like a little glimmer of sun in there. but a lot of clouds and rain chances for a day or so, but our weher is not rough but all compared with as been going on in the plains states. northeast of oklahoma city, if i got it right. not as good a picture as we had a minute or so ago. you can see there is a funnel cloud. actually, it is not a funnel cloud. it is on the ground. this, i believe, is northeast of oklahoma city right now by a few miles. they've got tornado warnings out there. inre's some very big storms that area. we have switched over to the radar in oklahoma city. we can see those storms welling up and moving across oklahoma city. right near the symbol, that is the cell that is producing a big storm, and that is the area that the tornado warning is in effect for.
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that is there and that is going to be the big news weather-wise tonight as far as national weather is concerned. our own weather, we do not have any rain here. maybe a few sprinkles near annapolis, but the bigger storms or the more substantial rain is selfless. our forecast has some wet weather in it, and that is coming up in a few minutes. >> it is not just temperatures that will be going up. so our gas prices. the average price of a gallon of gasoline has jumped 7 cents, and experts believe prices will continue to rise as we get closer to memorial day. tripoli list the national average for a gallon of unleaded at $3.65 -- triple a lists the national average. minnesota getting hit hardest where it average -- where gas costs $4.77. average price in our state is around $3.50. the cheapest state to buy gas right now? south carolina.
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if all goes according to plan, maryland's fourth casino will be open this week. the owner tells the associated press that the rocky gap casino resort will not post any flashy signs and billboards on its exterior. that is because they say they want the casino to harmonize with the character of the rest of the hotel and the rest of the resort. the machines will be demonstrated for state regulators tomorrow. the plan is to open to the public on wednesday. well, i too was not quite $600 billion. only a record high $590.5 million, but one lucky person outside of tampa, florida, is the sole powerball jackpot winner. at the most popular park in zephyr hills, a birthday party turned into a pocket -- a powerball party, although no one here will admit to being the winner. >> what is your reaction to that someone when here in zephyr hills?
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>> i think it is fantastic. i think it could be great for the community. hopefully it is someone who deserves it. >> god bless them, honestly. they got lucky. >> if you are not familiar with zephyr hills, it is normally a quiet town. trees line the streets. downtown is all but shut down on any given sunday except for the giant bargain grocery store where we caught up with roberta royce. she has lived here for 52 years, moved down here when she was just 18. oops, i think i gave away her age. she says she has never seen anything like this. >> i love it here. naturally, something like this happens and might in our neighborhood, so to speak, it is really fantastic. i'm glad whoever won -- i'm glad for them and i'm glad it is a local person. >> back at a separate part, kids frolic in the fountains, and their parents wonder what it would be like when a 590 -- winning $590 million. as you might imagine, some might
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entertain marrying into the money. >> what is your reaction to the fact that some here one? >> i was wondering if they were single. [laughter] >> single and available? >> exactly. exactly. the younger the better. >> still ahead, a rescue operation leads to the death of a college girl. what happened that put her in a line of friendly fire when we cover the nation. but first -- >> stormy weather for president obama in and outside of washington.
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>> a solemn and emotional day for the families of baltimore county firefighters. this afternoon, the company
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gathered alongside love one's for the annual ceremony of remembrance for all who have lost their lives in the line of duty. those in attendance say today's ceremony brought with it more sadness than usual in light of the recent death of a 25 year old who died to injuries he sustained on the job earlier this month. >> many of the families attend. many of the families of firefighters who died years ago still attend. of course, the individual company members attend just to pay tribute so that everyone knows we will never forget their supreme sacrifice. firefighters and medical personnel have died in a line of duty. 24 of them volunteers. in georgia, president obama had to contend with mother nature as he delivered a commencement speech, but in washington, things are no less stormy politically. the obama administration struggling to get on message andr a week of controversy
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distraction. >> the obama administration insists it is not under a cloud right now. at least not politically. president obama's commencement speech at morehouse college looked a lot like his past week -- the commander in chief was on message -- >> my job as president is to advocate for policies that generate more opportunity for everybody. >> but he was all but drowned hisby circumstances beyond control. from the irs scandal to the justice department's snooping on the associated press to new revelations about the talking points that followed the september terror attack in benghazi, republicans suddenly have a lot to talk about. >> this administration said they want to be open and transparent, but they have not. >> what we are talking about here is an attitude that the government knows best. the nanny state is here to tell us all what to do, and if we start criticizing, you get targeted. >> the president's senior
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communications adviser hit the five major sunday talk shows to do damage control. >> there is no question that public -- republicans are trying to make political hay here. latest cnn poll shows more than half of americans agree with the way republicans have been grilling the president on the irs and benghazi. then again, virtually the same number approve of the way the president is doing his job. even after the political storms of the past week. that is the good news. the bad news is the white house has a lead that -- a lot of other issues it wants to focus on right now. severe weather tonight across the plains states. storms last night turned in some impressive footage, too. we will have a look of funnel clouds stemming from both systems just ahead. >> there were storms last night out there and storms right now. our weather pretty quiet. a lot of clouds, but all the rain is occurring to
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>> a terrible accident as we cover the nation tonight. officials say a junior at hofstra university was shot and killed by police when they responded to her residence for a home invasion. according to police, the 21 year old was being held at gunpoint by the suspect when they arrived at the scene when the suspect turned his gun and police, an officer fired eight rounds.
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7 struck the suspect, and one hit the girl. both were pronounced dead at the scene. authorities have not released the entity of the officer involved. more tornadoes popping up across the nation. downple funnel's touched in kansas on saturday night. someone got this one on video. at least one home was damaged, but no injuries have been reported. a tornado watch has been issued tonight in oklahoma. a helicopter they're caught several tornadoes forming. we will have that incredible video tonight at 11:00. in the second, we'll see if we can hook you up with that, but first, we want to talk about our own weather. a lot of clouds today. looks threatening, but really, no rain to speak up. a few little scattered showers here and there. most of the storm activity is southwest of richmond now. the thunder and lightning is where it has been parked since
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yesterday. that front is moving to the north, so the range chances will move north with it eventually. tomorrow, we are a better target than today. let's look at what happened during the day today. as far as temperatures are concerned, there's no rain. 68 was the high at the airport. even though we are on the cool side of the front, we are close enough the we just do not cool down all that much, especially with the clouds around the area. some of you may have felt a few sprinkles overnight last night, but nothing significant. annapolis, the 71 last night. salzburg, 68. you can see the difference in temperatures to the south of us. this is where the front is roughly speaking. temperatures solidly in the 70's, but once you get north of that, you begin to see a few 60's missing in, so that is kind of the dividing line. here is a wider picture of what is going on. again, this front is kind of lined up along this area.
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our stormy activity has all been south of that. as it drifts north, we get into the juicier air. speaking of juicy, here are those storms this evening in oklahoma that are causing all kinds of problems. a big storm is near oklahoma city. if that live video is available -- we showed it right at the beginning of the news, and again, we are looking live here, so we are not sure what we will wind up with. we do not really see the tornado clouds at all, but i've got the radar -- let's see if he pulls back. i've got the radar set up, and this is the storm they are interested in. tornado warning in effect. here is chandler. he is oklahoma city. chandler is kind of the target. the storm is also capable, according to their observations, up producing baseball-sized hail. another stormy night out in the plane's states. -- plains states. it moves as a warm front
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tonight, and we will switch to more southerly winds tomorrow. that should bring temperatures up but also bring our grain chance a little bit. overnight tonight, 60 to 65. a lull, a drizzle, or a few showers possible. nothing significant. during the day tomorrow, 77 to 81. we get into the warmer air. a uth the southwest wind at five to 10 miles per hour. the air becomes a little more unstable, so mostly cloudy skies. showers and storms. at least there's a chance for it during the day tomorrow. futurecast shows relatively dry conditions, but the main chances increase during the afternoon tomorrow, at least for some scattered storm activity. nearly 80 tomorrow. in the 80's tuesday, wednesday, thursday. tuesday probably will stay dry essentially. something isolated could crop up wednesday, but the next highest range chance after tomorrow will be next thursday as a cold front comes in. >> thanks.
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p tierney is talking controversy. >> right. fair, fall. it was a struggle for the orioles because the decision did not go their way. that coming up next in sports.
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>> just hitting a little mid-may filed are the orioles. like seniors about to graduate, they cannot seem to muster the requisite focus right now. today facing a pitcher with a great record, focus mattered much. adam jones delivered in the fourth, trailing 1-0. back up the box it goes. throw stranded at third. happened a couple of times.
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looks got looking fastball, and the former oriole roughed up that pitch. solo shot, just like that, back in front was tampa. six innings, up three runs allowed. escobar -- he did not think it was a strike, but davis says yes. into the sixth we go. capping a fruitful weekend. line shot off the wall it seems. ruled a double for matt joyce. but showalter came out to argue, thought it was a foul ball. but it at the bottom of the foul pole, therefore it is a fair ball. the umpires took a look and changed this to a home run. not much going right for baltimore. 3-1 game. the drive to left-center. close but not quite. matt joyce and 38-0 in the season. here is up on that home run.
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-- matt is waiting on some feedback. he has to make a decision about if he wants to get a check or not. he has a chance for them to go there and in that calling foul ball. not even a double. so you have got to make a decision if you want to roll the dice for the home run. let me know if i have a good argument. i knew once the inside if it was going to be a home run. >> the ones reeling red sox have gone back on track basing the twins in minnesota, looking for a fifth consecutive victory. will little books, quality young player. he has been struggling, though. struggling until he saw that pitch. john [laughter] , 1-4 in the season. five, chris with men on. the throw a bit wild. he barrel down the line, runs
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in brief agony. he would be ok. right now in a rain delay. red sox in seventh inning leading 3-1. as the yankees come to town monday for a three-game set, now in a five-game streak, the orioles find themselves in a tie for third. toronto rained out today. 2013 preakness champion did not stick around. louis packed up his van, let pimlico at 5:00 a.m., out of dodge, but out with a smile. wire to wire domination of the preakness as stunning as it was impressive. shorter, tighter track simply did not suit him. we do not know if oxbow will go to new york for the belmont. maguey he told me he thought war was best suited for the belmont. they will get a third matchup between these two horses in
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three weeks. the n.c.a.a. match final four is set in lacrosse. duke, cornell, syracuse, and denver battle next weekend in philadelphia for the championship. in-state rivals meet tonight in division 3, semifinals. 7:00 they will start that one off. last year, say match up on the eastern shore sauce sells very advanced to the title game
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>> all right, john, one last check? >> one last check. we have a hiring chance tomorrow. might be summoned today. there's the be the next highest chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms activity. look at the temperatures -- near 80 tomorrow. in the 80's until that front comes in. >> that is a holiday weekend. >> it is coming. all right. that is it for 11 years at 6:00. we will see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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this sunday night -- high alert. severe weather breaking out right now from the plains to the great lakes. >> wow! look at the rotation! >> damaging winds, tornadoes and flooding. tonight why close to half the u.s. population could be at risk from dangerous storms before it
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is over. collision course. dramatic new images of a commuter train crash just moments after impact as more than 100,000 in the northeast brace for what could and nightmare commute. state of mine. the new guidelines to help mental health professionals diagnosis disorders. but some of them are causing controversy and concern. voice of experience. the president tells graduates to set an example and points to his own struggles as a man of color. and -- jackpot. more than half a billion dollars and tonight someone has the winning powerball ticket. from a tiny town in florida that waits for the winner to claim from a tiny town in florida that waits for the winner to claim the prize. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good evening. as we start here tonight, dangerous

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